• Do you know?

    We all take 17,000 ~ 25,000 breaths and inhale more than 15,000 liters of air each days.

  • Do you know?

    We spend 80% of our life indoors. That's only 20% of entire life outdoors.

  • Do you know?

    Your home is UP to 5X more polluted than outdoors.
    Air pollution is the 4th highest risk factor for death globally.

Contained in air

  • PM2.5 Particles

    PM2.5 (fine particulate matter) refers to the particles smaller than 2.5um. Under PM2.5 exposure, people will develop very many serious lungs and heart diseases & cancers.

  • PM10 Particles

    PM10 refers to the particles smaller than 10um. Under PM10 can penetrate into the deepest part of lungs and cause serious health problems.

  • TVOC

    Total Volatile Organic Compounds are organic chemicals that have high vapor pressure at typical indoor temperatures. There are estimated to be from 5,000 to 10,000 varieties of VOCs, e.g. formaldehyde, alkanes, alcohols etc., which may pose a danger to human health, such as eye irritation, headaches, allergic reactions.

  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide

    CO2 content is the fresh air is around 400PPM. People stay in high CO2 concentration environment will feel dizzy, headache, visual and hearing dysfunction. May case people unresponsive and decision delay.

  • Temperature

    The most comfortable temperature for people is at range from 20℃(68°f) to 28℃(82.4°f). Lower indoor temperature impacts a person's immunity. When indoor temperature is too high, it tends to make people feel tires, thirsty and confused.

  • Humidity

    An environment with relative humidity between 45% ~ 75% is typically good for one's health. Under low humidity will cause immunity functions to be reduced, while under high humidity, mold and dust mites are easily bred and ill trigger certain allergies.

Embrace Good Air !!

Our mission is to help people to know the air surround them! By monitoring your indoor air quality, we provide reliable data analysis and improvement advices for you and your family to live in a heathy environment.


We DETECT air quality

Air Mentor provides real time air quality status, send all the data through our IoT structure to the cloud.


We ANALYZE air quality

Our cloud platform is designed for long term big data storage, analysis and report for further air quality management or improvement.


We NOTIFY air quality

We provide real time air quality status through digital signage broadcast system.


We IMPROVE air quality

Our smart link IoT integration with different class of air purifier systems can provide users multiple options to improve the air quality in your environment.